Switching Facebook accounts?


Switching Facebook accounts?


I want to deactivate/delete my Facebook account.  I created a "dummy" Facebook account just for Spotify. 


What's the best way to go about this and retaining my playlists?


Is it just signing up for Spotify again under the new account, and using the HTTP links for my old playlists?

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You are correct at the end. You don't actually have a Spotify account, you have a Facebook account that is tied to Spotify. This means you can't transfer your Spotify to another Facebook account.


You can copy+paste playlist content as if you were pasting text. Select all songs in your old playlist and press Ctrl+C to copy them. Then create a new playlist and press Ctrl+V to paste the songs in there.

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You can also Subscribe to playlits if you do not want to copypaste them.