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TOPSIFY Ad - Spotify Premium Membership

TOPSIFY Ad - Spotify Premium Membership

Why are we still seeing ads (specifically, ads for TOPSIFY) as premium members? My Spotify client has been running at 30% CPU usage since these animated ads starting showing up. Not only are they distracting (They are animated and show through the background when I'm working) but are making my Spotify client unstable.


Is there any way to turn these ads off? If not I'll have to consider cancelling my membership.

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Hey there @1217778022 and welcome to the community!


Do you mean the music/playlist announcements? If so, you could disable them through going to the settings > display options.


It should look like this:

Screenshot 2016-03-29 23.42.41.png



Let me know how this helped!



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The continuously animated advertisement is exactly the thing I pay money to avoid. Get rid of it.


I want to hear about new releases so I'd rather not turn that off completely, but it's better than ads. Make announcements without looking like annoying animated banner ads.

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