How do I turn off these darn videos??? They are eating up my data plan.

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I can't believe anyone thought this would be a good idea.  This uses more of our data! It wasn't asked, nor is their an option to turn it off.  I will be leaving if this isnt patched.


What a stupid move from Spotify.


Like exacly all other posts on this topic, this is beyond stupid, and why the H*** did you not just include a slider "Enable video". If you wanted to promote this new feature, of course you could have it deafulted to true, but still....  


Fix it already will you, and absolutely change the caption to:


Totally agree this is NOT SOLVED, can we please add a way to disable videos? The spotify curated music playlists are great but forcing users to load videos is ridiculous. You're a music platform not MTV.


What an idiotic response.


What a stupid feature that literally nobody asked for. If I wanted videos I'd watch MTV or get them on YouTube. Don't try to be something you're not, Spotify.


I agree with all the comments - I would assume these videos take up far more data and storage for streaming or offline usage - not really worth it for the experience! I’m not one to watch a video on my phone like that - there should definitely be the option to disable. 


That's not a solution. That's a problem. Fix the app that keeps crashing instead of adding more stuff that crases.. Don't you have a UX team? Did anybody think videos that are forced was a good idea in a music app?


This "feature" is terrible, I have a very limited internet connection living out in the country and I like to play video games and listen to spotify at the same time, when a video-enabled song comes on, it obliterates the entire bandwidth I have on my connection causing my games to severely lag out and sometimes completely disconnecting me.


Please for the love of god give us a way to turn it off, I can imagine its horrible for those people with a low data plan on their smartphones too, just terrible...


How could you call this issue solved?

Remove this asap!


That is NOT a sollution.



cmon remove those shitty videos plz


In all honestly I'm considering moving to Google play music simply because the video feature is not only draining on data but also battery I'm paying money for music content not video very disappointed that it can't be turned off 


Is anyone from Spotify going to respond to the fact that every single comment in this thread is negative and they marked it as solved and deal with it?


please vote: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Idea-Submissions/All-Platforms-Other-Disable-Music-Videos/idi-p/446...


There is already a vote in the "solved" response with over 1100 votes



while they haven't made an offical solution, one work around I've done is go to my queue and remove all the videos from it. That way they won't interupt your music stream.


@spotify pls make an official solution though cause the videos eat up data, or even when you are on wifi they always lag and ruin the song 


Can we please get a feature to turn them off, if I hear Keith Urban one more time talk about nonesense I'm going to cancel my premium.


I play Hot Country on boat and then comes Keith Urban or some other artist blabbing about nonesense. I know you guys are trying to make money and promote their concerts, but that's why I pay y'all 10 clams a month - no distraction, just the music, please!


Spotify - I'm giving you until next weekend to fix this problem or you can say bye bye to $120 a year from me. And you guys need to make a profit that's clear from your financials. You may get the scale you need and ultimately win, but I got Amazon begging me to join their platform. And Google. And Apple. Fix it!


Driving my boat trying to kill a stupid video - whose idea was this. Someone who clearly doesn't drive a boat with sunglasses.


Terrible, terrible idea. I have subscribed to Spotify Premium for a long time but you can wave goodbye to my £120 a year if the option to disable videos is not implemented. I am seriously losing faith in Spotify, and there are lots of other options available nowadays.


Please allow me to turn this off. I am a paid customer. 


This is not an acceptable answer. It's a distracting, annoying waste of bandwith. 

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