How do I turn off these darn videos??? They are eating up my data plan.

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Update - Ive just cancelled my subscription since Spotify's lack of acknowledgment that music videos are an unecessary and unwanted feature.


Goodby Spotify you jokers.


please please please let us turn the videos off! I travel a lot and spotify often doesn't even have the licences to play the videos where i am, so the app just stops playing altogether. It's unbelivably frustrating and not an acceptable service considering what i pay for it. Fix it!


Unfortunately, because this, I will cancel the Spotify premium service. I want a good music platform. If I want to see vídeos, I'm going to Youtube or Netflix.

I have cancelled my Premium membership. I guess it's the only way to make these companies pay attention to THEIR CUSTOMERS! I'd encourage everyone else who is not happy with this imposed 'feature' to do the same.


Well, until this issue has actually been resolved I guess Im uninstalling the app and cancelling my plan. I have limited data and I sure as **bleep** am not ready to spend it playing videos to the inside of my pocket.


Stick to music spotify - that's what we want you for. If we want music videos we use youtube. 


I am sure it can't be that tricky to implement a toggle setting for music videos on/off? Highly annoying implementation as a premium user I signed up for no ads - and if I could I would sign for no videos!

I attach a mockup for you guys - just to kick start this soution. It took me 4 minutes. 

PS: Please note the settings button is by default OFF



So much for saving playing list to play while offline.  I have to skip the playlist video while not in a service area because it stops playing music.  Everyone on our family plan complains about this.  


Any my suggestions on a better streaming music service?  


This is not solved. There is no solution here. The videos aren't even videos, they're just 3-5 seconds of looping **bleep** that even changes the layout of the screen. When I'm skipping through the playlist, the **bleep** skip button moves for the stupid video.


The linked vote idea is dumb as well. I don't want videos disabled in curated lists, I want them disabled clientside. I don't care who made the playlist or what's in it. Serve me only the sound. It's not hard to just code the app to not change the display. Put an option in that ignores the video component, you don't need community votes to do that.


I've been trialling all the other streaming services, Tidal, Deezer, Apple, Amazon Unlimited, Google Play Music.. I'm using Android and the only one I found gave me a Spotify-like experience is Google Play Music. The Android apps for the others are all lacking. One thing Spotify does well is making finding new music easy, with the Daily Mixes, Daily Radar and Radio stations etc. None of the other services have anywhere near as good a music recommendation engine based on my own tastes, but Google Play comes pretty close. Unlike the others it asks you to tell it what artists you like and will tailor suggestions for you straight away. I'm sticking with Google Play Music for now. YMMV


Totally NOT RESOLVED, and quite disrespectfull to marked it so. I really don't get how you guys didn't at least think about those of us travelling that would face country restrictions because of the videos and just have the playlist INTERRUPTED (and it won't play the next song even though I click to pass the video, until I go into the app and recognize the country restriction; IT'S ABSURD). This makes no sense, and seems like a f****** easy problem to solve, so get moving on it.


No, this doesn't help.


The only reason I pay for spotify premium is the curated and automated playlists, there is a noticeable lag when I reopen the spotify app and a video is playing, the audio pauses for a second. 


Don't add a feature no one asked for that makes the experience worse without the option to turn it off.


The thing that's  great about Spotify is that its so simple and works so well, now you've gone and **bleep** with that, so its likely you'll just do it even more going forward.


months later and there is still no real solution for this? Get this fake "solution" outta here.


As with most annoying features in Spotify, the answer is to always keep it in offline mode on your phone. It also solves the Spotify Connect battery sucking problems as it tries to connect to every device around you automatically.


Spotify is not going to get rid of videos voluntarily. They want you to pay attention to them so that you click on the video and they get ad revenue (That's right, your premium subscription is NOT ad free!). They will only change if the new feature stops making them money, so deprive them of the some of the data and ad revenue they so desperately want by putting it in offline mode.


Literally no one asked you for this. Are you actually braindead?


Google Play Music here I come.


No one wants to watch videos on a music app.  We want to listen to music and not pay for all the extra data you cause us to use by forcing videos on us. This is ridiculous.  I will be filing a class action lawsuits for Spotify to pay for my data charges.anyone else on board.  This is utterly a useless feature to have videos.  NO ONE WANTS VIDEO.  TURN IT OFF.  Or make a **bleep**in button so we can turn it off.  About to switch to Google and Amazon after 3 years of paying for premium.  KILL THE VIDEOS NOW


So, after all the feedback the march forward continues.... No option to disable video....


Very poor show for what is a premium music streaming app, this is not youtube.


Get your act together or find my money travelling elsewhere.


RIDICULO!!! Se eu quisesse video eu iria pro YOUTUBE, vocês estão de sac**gem? Esses videos travam, repentem a musica, que QUALIDADE vocês querem dar nos forçando a isso?? EU ESTOU PISTOLAÇA COM VOCÊS, MANO!!!!!! 

going to cancel suscription if this won’t be fixed


super awesome when youre driving and it takes a couple extra taps / swiped to get to the music controls.. cause theres dang videos playing.... great job on safety here guys!

BTW this is sarchasm in case ya hadnt noticed.  were PAYONG for a service, why not let US decide if we wanna chew thru more data or not???

also dont bother telling me i shouldnt be using my phone wile driving.. thats not the point


I'm on the 3 month trial of Premium. When riding the subway underground, with weak or no cell signal, my music just stops when the playlist tries to play a video. Then I have to dig into my bag to find my phone and figure out why the F my music just stopped!  While I'm fumbling for my phone in the crowded NYC subway, I risk serious injury from falling since my hands aren't holding the pole.  I also risk looking like an **bleep** who wears headphones while no music is playing. My constitution is weak and cannot handle the stares.


After my 3 month trial is finished, I'm not renewing. Bye bye Spotify. 

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