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Temporary Error When Trying to Connect to Facebook

Temporary Error When Trying to Connect to Facebook


Just regained control of my account after it was hacked this morning.  Going throught setting thing up again, but I can;t connect to Facebook, I just get an error saying:

Sorry there has been a temporary error, please try again later


I try later using many different portals (PC web browser, iPhone App, Windows App), and still the same error.  Could this be due to the earlier hacking or is there a general problem with connecting to facebook accounts at present?


Thanks for any help you can give.


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Hey @ajw107, welcome to our Spotify Community!


We'd recommend clearing your browser's cache/cookies and refreshing. Does that help? Also, give it a go from an incognito window using a desktop.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

Unfortunately that doesn't help, sorry.  Plus as I said I tried it from both my PC and iPhone (have force closed the apps on the phone too).

Anything else you could suggest?  Could you check to make sure there is no facebook profile in my account (it doesn;t show up on my Account page if there is) and remove it if there is?

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