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Thanks for the nightmares lads!

Thanks for the nightmares lads!

Pull up the Spotify service on a pleasant Friday, as you do. Spotify works fine, I start playing my lovely sleep playlist entitled "don't rage fam" and drift soundly into dreamland...
And awaken to hear the beautiful sound of a paranormal activity advert scaring the absolute crap out of me. Seriously??!?!! You're a smart company! You must realise that some people play music on your music app in situations where a load scream won't really help? Loud music? **bleep** you, here's a scream that will make you think someone died! Listening while asleep? Not anymore mate! Just trying to listen while cleaning? Nothing more to throw you off your cleaning than learning of the ghost dimension... Especially great to listen to when you got your kids listening to spongebob! I'm not saying give me free premium (actually if you did that would be awesome:,)) I'm just saying that adverts are already louder than the songs I listen to, and music and especially your app, has helped me overcome my irrational fear of sleeping, why are you so hellbent on bringing it back with your adverts? For a few extra bucks? I can think of no situation where a paranormal activity advert helps anyone!
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