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The playlists that are created by spotify are not updating on my account.

The playlists that are created by spotify are not updating on my account.







Samsung Galaxy 10 and windows desktop


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The playlist that are created by spotify have not updated ever for my account. However, when we look at my wife's account hers are updated every few months, which is how we discovered the problem. We have tried deleting my cache from my phone, reinstalling and uninstalling nothing.

We thought that maybe it was because I had a lot of songs downloaded from those spotify playlists and she did not, so I deleted those downloaded songs thinking maybe that was preventing the playlist from updating but to no avail. A solution would be appreciated.


Thank you. 

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Hey, @aar0n_1992 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue with your Spotify. In order to provide you with support, I need to ask you for some information first. Are you experiencing it across multiple devices? Let us know also the operating system version of the devices where it issue is being experienced.

If possible it would be great if you send us some screenshots showing how the playlist looks like for you and for your wife.


In the meanwhile, I'd like to ask you to update your app and restart your device. After that, clean all the app's data and then reinstall it again. (I know that you've already tried something similar)...


Last but not least, we are aware of some issues involving Samsung Galaxy phones. If you use an SD Card as internal storage ("Adoptable Storage"), some issues may occur on Spotify's cache, if it's your case, let us know too.


Thanks in advance!


Kind Regards,


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