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The wrong Facebook account linked to Spotify

The wrong Facebook account linked to Spotify

I am trying to set up a spotify account for my Dad and in doing so had to set up a Facebook account for him.


However, somehow his Facebook account linked to my Spotify account and I cannot seem to separate them.


I will be paying for 2 premium accounts.


Someone please help me to get his Facebook account linked to the correct spotify account.



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Hi SSiddy,


I've the same problem.

My premium account was linked to my brother's facebook account. Inkl. all my playlist etc.

The Spotify Support is working to link the account back to my facebook account since three months...... No end in sight!!!


Oh no!  At least I know it is a bigger problem than I thought and it's not just me unable to solve it.  I will get in touch with the technical team then.


Many thanks


Same thing happened to me...but it linked to my wife.


The worst part was that it FORCED me to link to a facebook account.  I tried to decline but when I did Spotify shut down.   I was streaming music for dinner so eventually i just did it thinking I could turn it off later.  Now it is linked to my wife's FB account and I cannot change it.  This is messed up big time.  

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