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The wrong facebook name and picture attached to my account

The wrong facebook name and picture attached to my account

the name and profile picture are not my facebook but supposedly i'm now connected to mine


I've literally tried everything:


- i've disconnected and reconnected with facebook many times 

- i've uninstalled spotify and reinstalled it 

- i've logged onto the other persons facebook and tried to disconnect from anything related to spotify


i don't know what else to do it won't go away. The facebook is my brothers, and he doesn't have spotify. 


please help!

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If you log in to the Spotify website online, does it display the right profile picture?

To check if facebook allws spotify, go to your fb app list.


It may take some time to update itself, so please give it a while.

Make sure when you login to press login with facebook rather than just logging in with your username and password.

Try posting here. Hopefully an admin will notice and fix it for you.


If it doesn't fix, please submit a support ticked using the online contact form, which can be found here:



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