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There is now only shuffle option for free users & I can only change songs 6 times an hour!!!! WTF!

There is now only shuffle option for free users & I can only change songs 6 times an hour!!!! WTF!

The title said it all. I'm a long time spotify user. I have gotten many people into spotify. Now I pay for it, most of the time but coming up to Christmas it's not as easy. But I still manage to use it, which is why I like did spotify so much. But now, all free users can only choose the shuffle option, cannot choose certain songs & can only change songs 6 times in an hour?! I understand this is a great market ploy. But I am not a happy customer! This needs to be fixed! Now! Not a good way to encourage new people to join. I've synced all my songs everything perfectly in the order I want, but that doesn't matter now because its free user. Even the music I've downloaded & put to spotify my own music I can't even click to play. The new layout is pre crappy to. Seriously. Change it back. I will not be the only one complaining. You will lose a long time customer. Might just have to go back using music on my iPod.
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I only use my phone though >.<

How do you shuffle play from Smart TV?

Does this apply to a device such as the amazon fire?



I have read some of your other replies, and quite honestly, you sound like a duchebag...


Did you honestly ask "Can't give all of the cookies out for free, who would then buy premium?" ?


How about anyone not wanting to hear that annoying "Take2" McDonalds commercial or see an ad EVERY time you leave Spotify and return on Desktop? The shuffle-only restriction is 100% pointless and only serves to piss off anyone Spotify would like to steal away from competing music streaming sites.


Here's a question for you... why make the restriction on mobile devices only, then, genius? Why wouldn't there be the same restrictions across all devices? When a user checks out Spotify and streams music from their desktop, while working for example, then decides "I like this, I'm gonna download the app to my phone", they are doing so with a set of parameters in mind. When they download the app on their mobile device, finding those parameters changed for NO APPARENT REASON, it only serves to piss them off. Now, someone who may have become a paid member decides to use the free option on their desktop & tablet, but chooses a competitor when on their mobile device. Whereas, if you hadn't burned them, they may have listened more, hated the God-dammned commercials and probably upgraded.


This shuffe-restricted content on mobile devices only is akin to click-bait schemes, getting people to perform an action based on presuppositions, only to bring them to a totally different destination.


I will be removing Spotify from my mobile device, and leaving a comment on the app landing page for both Google Play and the App Store to warn other unsuspecting downloaders BEFORE adding to your download count.  

Really? Everyone should be grateful for what they get huh? Maybe spotify should stop being so greedy. They still get money off ads. With or without shuffle. Play on demand is nothing more than forcing people to spend money on premium. A lot of people like myself are gonna say **bleep** spotify. I cant even listen to new songs in the top 50 bc it plays randomly. Its a **bleep** of a lpt easier to get a free download app with most likely pirated songs. I liked spotify because i have the desktop version too but thr mobile just isnt worth it.

The link you gave doesnt work for the people who dont pay, which are the ones effected the most.... sooo yeah. Not exactly a good thing. I know I'm about to just give up and undownload this app.

I feel so empowered by this app -  first you can earn Spotify some cash by listening to the ads, then you can let Spotify decide what song you're going to listen to! What an utter privilege! What a c*ap app...

I'm not sure why this is like this with an Acer smartphone, but that with an Acer tablet I am able to choose songs and am allowed to change songs as much as I want. Is that a newer update that we're not allowed to with?

I used to love Spotify so much.. and now there's this ridiculous shuffle lock. Music is my life, but now I can't even choose to listen to my favorite song without having to listen to this stupid other song that I don't even like. Most of the time ITS NOT EVEN THE SAME ARTIST **bleep**. I hate Spotify now. I know that this is just a way to get people to buy premium, but at this rate, Spotify is going to lose the little money they got from ads and maybe even a few premium members to Pandora (Which I myself thought was absolutely horrible until Spotify did this.) because of this dumb feature. I'm switching to Pandora on mobile now. Unless Spotify on mobile is fixed, I'm never coming back. If u did this to **bleep** your customers off, you did an amazing job.



I've been listening to Spotify free without shuffle on my mobile for at least a year so whoever said you could never do that is talking nonsense. There is no way I'm having music played AT me and I'm certainly not going premium. Goodbye Spotify

Yeah, i had this on my desktop and also on my phone, i was a free jser and was able to change and pick any song i wanted to listen to.


Now my job i haul Amish to their job site and i have to wait untill their shift is over and take them home, im sitting there for over 8 hours bored out of my mind, so i throw up spotify.


Well, i was able to pick or skip any song i wanted on a free account on my phone before, but not now. My truck needs some work so most of my money is going towards that, spotify premium was something i could cut down on to save a few bucks.


Anyway it expired, and im sitting bored out of my mind and uninstalled spotify as it wouldnt even stay on the same **bleep** kind of music with the shuffle option. I was listing to Godsmack then the next couple of sones were godsmack then plays like 4 ads and plays some Hillary Duff, you got to be kidding me....



Sad to say but good riddance to spotify...

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