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These constant software updates...

These constant software updates...

Although paying for a premium service I am subject to endure a waiting period while starting up the client, due to software upgrades. I have through preferences/settings no means to turn automatic updates off.


This is by no means acceptable. I don´t see why customers of this service should ever have to wait because of software updates, as I would never accept that from a "MP3-software" filling the same function as your service. If you for some reason would need to upgrade the software, that should be done in a way that don¨t interferes with the user experience. That means:


1) Silent in background

2) Silent in background+implemented while turning Spotify off


Requiring a waiting period while starting Spoitify up is an absurdity which falls short in performance in comparison to locally stored music files.

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Hey Novice.


I've noticed similar updates recently when starting Spotify. However, mine are very quick and takes no more than 45 seconds. Are your updates taking longer than that? 



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Hi Grayson,


my impression is that it varies with my connection speed. Normally it takes something like you describe but sometimes longer.


Still, Spotify is the only software I run where I have not been able to turn off updates. That seems weird to me.


In the bottom line, client updates does not provide any additional value for me so I would rather see that they never (seldom) updated the software, if they can't make it silently in the background or while turning off (but with option to quickly turn off).

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