They will eventually charge you $9.99 per month.


They will eventually charge you $9.99 per month.


This is my Email to Spotify, I will update how the matter is handeled. 

I am not pissed off that $9.99 is too much, I am pissed off how they worded their whole service and ended up charging 9x what everybody thinks they will be charged per month. 


They got away with the charge once because I did not track my statements last month, but this month I am raising hell. 


I demand a refund for both shady months.




You charged my card twice at $9.99. If i would have f*cking known you were going to cost $10 a month I would not have bought your app.

I demand a refund to the card it was purchased with Order number #. You placed the order without a warning and to a card that was used because you said it would be 99 cents a month. I understand you probably have it written in some shady way that you will start billing at $9.99, but there is a spotify community up rising against your shady stuff and I am joining.
Refund my card and delete my subscription. Your company wasted enough of my time typing this email up.

If I would have seen the last order, I would have canceled then. This is a bull sh*t charging service.

LET ME KNOW WHEN THIS IS COMPLETE. This email and your response will be published on the Spotify community page.



I will update what happens next, because I know more of you will not expect this shady billing method either..

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Re: They will eventually charge you $9.99 per month.

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Hello and thanks for posting in the Spotify community, I'm sure we figure out what happened here.


First of all, being charged twice means that either a) you have two accounts and upgraded both or b) you hit the "upgrade" button more than once when upgrading (This means all payments went to the same account.)

Please check :

1. Are the payments leaving your account on the same day?

2. What is their next payment date on your subscription page? Is it a couple months ahead? 


If you still want to cancel your subscription here is a guide.


For the matter of a refund, please follow the necessary steps and press the green "I still need more help" in the contact form, give your details so that a Spotify member can get back to you as soon as possible. In case of a delay, you can speed things up by replying to the no-reply email they send you (even if it says you shouldn't!).


Hope I was helpful,



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