Time limit on beta account?


Time limit on beta account?

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My account was created via an invite code when Spotify still was in the beta phase.
Now what I know is that these account wasn't affected by the timelimit when the time and 5-plays/track limits was introduced.
I know that the last limit is gone and the first limit is only for new accounts older than 6 month ("new" = account created after-beta period)

Now, all of a sudden I notice I only got 19 minutes left...

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Re: Time limit on beta account?


Hi Mahnas92 - Users that joined Spotify via one of these invites are not now exempt from the time limits. Since you are still using our free service these limits will apply unless you upgrade to Unlimited/ Premium. 


Is it possible that this is the first time you've reached your weekly limit? How often are you using the application? You can find more info on those limits right here.

Re: Time limit on beta account?

Casual Listener

Hi again

These accounts are now NOT exempt?

-When did this apply?

I use it often, but for my local files mostly, but I've ben listening to non-local files a lot since yesterday though...
And yes, this is probably the first time I reach this limit.
Also, I have another account, also from the beta phase. In there I still can't see how much time left I got;

-Are there any way to find out?

Also, I know you can't do anything about this, but you hopefully can forward this:
-Why are we, the early adopters exempt from these limits but not the US?
-Are we so much heavier than the average american user for the service?

-Also, If I concider to buy unlimited/premium, can I choose to only buy for one single month?


Thank you in advance!

Re: Time limit on beta account?

Mahnas92 - These limits had to be implemented last year. I think it was around last April.

You should get a counter when you have an hour of listening left. Unfortunately, there isn't an other way to tell. Regarding the limits, I can't go into details in why there are different limitations in different areas. Basically, there are an awful number of licensing reasons involved.

If you're after a subscription, yes, you can buy one month. It is a subscription however, so remember to cancel.

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