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Title is available for friend but not for me... why?

Title is available for friend but not for me... why?



threadname says it all. There is a song which is not available anymore for me, but for my friend it is... Cant explain that to me. We are both from the same country. Does anybody have an idea?

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Is the country correct in there? If it is, your friend may have an incorrect country. If you have an Unlimited or Premium subscription, you can use Spotify in an incorrect country forever so you may not even notice it.

Due to local cacheing effects, catalogue changes can take a little while to propagate. This can lead to anomalies like this.

Yes, the country is corret, as my friend's.


But I cant understand, why the track was available a week ago... The I was really shocked, when I saw that my friend can still play the song ^^

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