Top Tracks and Top Artists Incorrect


Top Tracks and Top Artists Incorrect

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Perhaps I'm just missing something, but my Top Artists and Top Tracks are not showing correctly. Every track and artist that is showing are songs or bands that I've actually never listened to on Spotify. I definitely have music I've listened to over and over again, so I'm just wondering why that is not reflected. I thought maybe it was showing top tracks on Spotify in general, but that's not the case either. Any ideas?



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I have a very similar issue but with some odd variation. My top artist is the one that my partner listens to on his, completely unrelated to mine Spotify. He is not on my family account. Members of my family account do not listen to the artist that shows as my top artist. He does not even have access to my spotify and I discovered that this was a very odd glitch after I shared with him my yearly roundup and noted that I do not listen to the top artist stated. According to yearly wrap I was in the top 2% of the listeners of the artist. 


The artist doe snot feature anywhere else in my playlists. Very annoying.


Hey @lefthandedme,


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As a first troubleshooting step we would like to make sure that both you and your partner are logged in to the correct accounts. To that end could you both navigate to your account overview page here and use the Sign put everywhere option at the bottom? Afterwards log in on your devices to prompt a resynch with our servers and see if the displayed info matches. 


Keep us posted! We'll be happy to lend a hand if you need more help. 

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I have the same issue too!
But a litte bit different, suddenly ALL my top artists and Top Tracks dissapeared and now I have one Top Artist (Daniel-Adams Ray) and I haven't listen to him in months. My top tracks is two tracks from him (Gubben i lådan and Gubben i lådan instrumental) and I haven't listen to these in months either. Please help?!


I have the same problem. Nirvana is apparently one of my top 5 bands – I cannot recall ever listening to Nirvana. And Veronica Maggio, whom I've listened to perhaps 5-10 times in total, is my favorite artist. This is incorrect. Some weeks ago my "favorite" artists were Flo Rida and this Call Me Maybe- song ... and I have never listened to them, especially not Flo Rida.


Please correct this error!


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I'm wondering the same thing. The "Top Tracks" section on my profile is full of songs I don't recognize. I'm not sure if I've ever listened to them.

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My Top Artists and Top Tracks are way off. They never update. I have a theory I am going to test though. I am pretty sure if you listen to music on your mobile with the privacy setting turned on it will update your top artists.

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So I let a playlist with 6 different artists play the entire afternoon and evening. It didn't make one difference on my top artists. Does anyone suspect that Spotify rigs your top artists? Because 5 of my 6 top artists are major label artists, maybe they give preference to them. The funny thing is, I rarely listen to artists on the big labels. Or maybe playing songs from playlists don't count, because when I have a hankering for some top 40 pop music, I usually just play the song right form the artist page and never from a playlist because I will usually want to listen to it once.


So ya, I don't know how Spotify calculates who your "Top Artist" will be. I know it is nerdy, but I love being able to track who I listen to the most. Bot Spotify just doesn't seem to care.

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Having the same issue. I've only listened one ore two times to most of the top artists. There are definitely bands I'm more addicted to and they aren't represented in my profile at all. I wonder how the top artists and tracks are measured. I kind of have the same suspicion as richrich. 4 out of 6 artists are under contract to one of the big four labels. But I'm not listening to those two bands who are under contract to an indie label too. Anyway, seems like the profile charts are pretty much worthless. 


If you want to see your listening behavior you should check out 😉

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I am having the same issue, please advise!

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I wouldn't say that mine has been corrected, but it's definitely much more representative of what I've actually listened to now. It seems that the top tracks even went away on my Spotify for a little bit and now it's back. Maybe it just happens after you've had it for a while? I wish I had a better answer for you!