Top recommendations are not working right.


Betreff: Top recommendations are not working right.


Thank you for your help but basically I have to use up bandwith, listening constantly (or leaving my place) to music that I might not enjoy, just to change the algorithm? I've been basically doing this for the past 4 months, this is why I've resorted to getting help with spotify. I basically started listing to Jazz mostly in order to change the algorithm and it still just has stuff on nature, meditation and mantras. Nothing has changed....this solution does not work for me. Spotify has to basically go into my account and look at what happenned, in other words, spend time and energy helping a customer, not passing the buck. 

Betreff: Top recommendations are not working right.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @12musicmann,


Sorry for the confusion!


To stop this from happening to your Daily Mix, we'd recommend listening to your white noise/ocean sounds in Private Listening mode. You can learn more about this here.


We know it's not ideal, but to get your recommendations to your liking again, you'll need to save and follow as many tracks and artists that you like as possible. We'd also recommend you unlike and unfollow anything you don't want to discover more of.


Hopefully things will get better soon. Let us know how it goes!