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Top recommendations are not working right.

Top recommendations are not working right.

Around Christmas I bought some Google Minis and some Chromecasts to put around my house. Linked the spotify account so I can play some music sometimes (but mostly use my Sonos speakers for that). When I go to sleep I would often just ask it to play a fireplace sound or some type of water white noise and a few weeks later my top recommendations were baby music, sound for tinnitus, sound of nature. Relaizing Google might have hijacked my account I then unlinked my account completely and revoked access. Three months later, after listinging to god know how many hours and day of music, in my car, at home and abroad I'm constantly "recommended" the same type of stuff...I only mostly listen to 70's funk and Jazz yet it still recommends a whole bunch of nonesence. I even uninstalled and reintalled the apps but to no avail. Screenshot attached. Please, can someon help? Seriously considering lettin gspotify go for something else at this point, top recommendations were awesome and my main draw to Spotify. Please help 😞IMG_3193.PNG

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Hi there, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.

I’m sorry to hear you think someone else has gained access to your Spotify account. Please check out the FAQ page ”Someone else has gained access to my account” here for the next steps to take.

Google do not hack your account. You can reconnect.


Are there any other mysterious account activitys? Maybe Daily Mix recognises your preferences wrongly. Were the suggestions better some month ago?

Hi! I’m not sure anyone has hijacked my account because everything else is ok including my daily mixes. It’s only top recommendations that keep suggesting baby music as well as environmental sounds and nature sounds. That’s why I think it’s a deeper problem involving google, google home and Spotify linkage. I’ve revoked google access to Spotify now for more than two months hoping it would go away. I even stopped asking google home to play nature sounds when I go to sleep and still the top recommendations are all there. I wish Spotify would just own the issue and speak with me rather than this forum because I doubt this is an issue that a user can fix. This is a deep system issue and it needs to be addressed internally by Spotify in conjunction with google. Unless someone has any idea on how to proceed....thanks for your feedback though.

This solution does not work. Still having the same problem. Thanks anyhow but you totally missed what I was talking about. Please take the time to read rather than trying to upvote your solution. 

Is some strange music played in your "recently played" section? If it is yes, maybe other people has access to your account yet.


If not, it quite strange, and annoying. I would contact to the support directly.

Nothing in my recent list is out of the ordinary, this is directly related to linking Google Home and Mini to the Spotify account. Simply revoking access to Google after the fact does not help. Also, contacting Spotify is impossible; where do I find their support email? Phone number??? I'm not creating a twitter account simply for this. 

You can contact them by this form:


I would select technical issues, other.


You will receive a email support, reply them even the mail is a "non-reply". Then you should get specific help.


Support in FB and Twitter is faster too.

Hi @12musicmann!


You won't need to contact staff, I will give them a shout-out and they will review this thread.

Thank you that's very nice of you, if they don't contact me then I'll use the link that was provided by Betreff.

Good morning @12musicmann!


I just got a response by Spotify staff:


Although it's possible for any Spotify user to recover a deleted playlist, the recommendations offered by the app are based on an algorithm that analyzes the user's listening history.


To stop this from happening further, I'd recommend listening to your white noise/ocean sounds etc. in Private Listening mode. Do you know how to activate it? This could give the algorithm a fresh start by sending new information to it. Keep in mind that the results for this process are best shown after a couple of weeks.


To get your recommendations to your liking again, you'll need to save and follow as many tracks and artists that you like as possible. I'd also unlike and unfollow anything you don't want to discover. Hopefully things will get better soon. Let me know how it goes!


Have an amazing day! 🙂

Thank you for your help but basically I have to use up bandwith, listening constantly (or leaving my place) to music that I might not enjoy, just to change the algorithm? I've been basically doing this for the past 4 months, this is why I've resorted to getting help with spotify. I basically started listing to Jazz mostly in order to change the algorithm and it still just has stuff on nature, meditation and mantras. Nothing has changed....this solution does not work for me. Spotify has to basically go into my account and look at what happenned, in other words, spend time and energy helping a customer, not passing the buck. 

Hey @12musicmann,


Sorry for the confusion!


To stop this from happening to your Daily Mix, we'd recommend listening to your white noise/ocean sounds in Private Listening mode. You can learn more about this here.


We know it's not ideal, but to get your recommendations to your liking again, you'll need to save and follow as many tracks and artists that you like as possible. We'd also recommend you unlike and unfollow anything you don't want to discover more of.


Hopefully things will get better soon. Let us know how it goes!

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