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Tried 2 different credit cards, Can't pay!

Tried 2 different credit cards, Can't pay!

I've cancelled my main credit card and I'm waiting a new one. I've ask for my father's credit card just for pay this month. But Spotify can't approve the payment. I've type everything right. Tried 2 times with his complete name and with his name in card. But nothing works... I haven't other method do pay.

3 Replies

Hey @ianhfx,


Sorry to hear that.


Please check the following requirements that need to be met for a payment to be successfully made:

1. Your card must not have expired. If you have received a new card, please update your card details on your Subscription page:

2. The country set in your Spotify account profile must match the country where your card is registered. If you intend to use a payment method in another country, you can make this selection on your Subscription page (Spotify can only accept payment from its launch countries).

3. Your card should be enabled for e-commerce transactions (Verified by Visa / Mastercard Securecard).

4. Your card must be open to be used for foreign purchases.

5. There are some banks that require other security authentifications, the most common one being 3DSecure.


If you're still having this issue, I'd recommend you to contact customer Support via this contact form. If you get an automatic message, just reply to it with the same info.


You can also find them on Facebook or Twitter.

I can pay any other thing with the same credit card.. unless the spotify. Exist some conflict with my name and my father's name? The credit card needs to be at the same name of main account?


I don't want to lose the premium this month... I want a solution. There is any?

Any solution?

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