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Tried EVERYTHING, Android App will not login with absolutely verified correct info.

Tried EVERYTHING, Android App will not login with absolutely verified correct info.

A month or so back I got a new phone, and I have never been able to login to my Spotify account on it despite multiple uninstalls, cache clearing, resetting my password, attempting to log in with Facebook, attempting to login with special device username and device password, resetting the device password, etc. In fact, I can log on right this very minute in my browser at my desktop using the exact device username (numerical) and newly-reset password, but if I turn around and try that exact same login on my phone, the Spotify app tells me the "This email and password comnination is incorrect."





Moto X 4th gen

Operating System

Android Pie


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That is really bad.


So you can logon to spotify via the browser?

How do you login, username or email?

If you go to account overview, you see a username and email? The username is this long number?


Can you logon using  another device? Tablet,phone,desktop?




Yes, I can login through the browser, and my login through the Windows 10 app has never stopped working.  


It's just the Android app on my new phone.

I have even tried setting up a new Spotify profile just to test whether completely starting over would get me in, at the price of not being able to get all my playlists.


That did not work, either.

make sure you dont have VPN installed on your phone as this makes spotify thinking your spoofing your IP so your local time does not match your location this creates google play not make your app valid either .its sucurity measure many stream sites dont allow VPN only way to secure their content and clients .so nobody steals or attacks customers info

Hi, I was experiencing the same frustrating issue on the same device and OS.


Have you tried powering off the device and rebooting?


Sounds incredibly obvious, but this has just resolved the issue for me. Hopefully not just temporarily!

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