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Tried to go premium

Tried to go premium

Hi there,


OS: Android 9


on the 19th March I attempted to subscribe to the premium service, the app on the phone unlocked and I was able to use the various premium services.


However a few days later when using spotify again the app has reverted to the 'free' option and premium services are locked out.


I have an 'invoice' that I cannot view (using my web browse) and am at a loss as to whats going on, and there seems to be no way to contact spotify (besides the community) to ask whats going on.


I'm also not interested in going premium if I miss out on the extended trial promotion that was available on the 19th March but appears to no longer be on offer.


How can I find out whats going on with my account, where my 'premium' trial went to and how I can get this back?

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Hey there @Krythas,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Sorry to hear you're having an issue.

Please check your account page online here for the status of your subscription.

In addition, visit and use this one to locate all account listed with your details to make sure you're logged into the right one.


However, if you wish to contact support please reach them through this contact page but before doing that i suggest reading the Spotify terms and conditions page here.

If you get an automated mail, please DO respond to it.


Hope this helps 😃

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