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Trouble logging in - PLEASE HELP**FIXED**

Trouble logging in - PLEASE HELP**FIXED**

A couple of days ago I tried opening my spotify and while it opened and I was able to see my playlists, it said there was no connection to the internet and I was not able to listen to music as I do not own a premium subscription. However there was a connection to the internet as I was in chrome on facebook etc at the same time. I closed and then reopened spotify as you do just to make sure it hadn't properly connected. I did this multiple times just to be sure and then finally logged out and tried to log in again. I clicked log in with facebook, which is what I normally do to log in, it then took me to a page titled 'Spotify desktop client communication failed'. From this I jumped onto the spotify community to try and fix this. I came across a post which told me i needed to create a special password to acess spotify on all the spotify apps, which i sucessfully completed. I then of course tried to log in with the new username and passcode and a message popped up that said 'Service is temporarily unavailable, please try again later' so i though yea fair enough, it probably hadn't processed yet or whatever. I have now several days later tried again to log in via both facebook and the new login and password, both attempts unsuccessful. Please help me! I dont know if I can survive without my spotify!! 😞

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Have you tried downloading the desktop app?

its the only thing i can suggest. its all i use and never had a problem.

Yea it's all i've ever used! I've never had problems with it until now.

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