Trouble with connecting to facebook

Trouble with connecting to facebook

When I try to connect to facebook on my Android device, it says its already connected to a different facebook account. I have no idea which account this might be. Ive removed Spotify from my facebook apps settings. On my desktop computer, I have the option to connect to facebook, and a pop-up with log-in information pops up. When I type in the correct log-in, the window disappears but it doesnt actually connect, but spotify pops back up in my facebook apps. Id like to remove my spotify from any existing facebook accounts so I can actually connect.

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Hey @Walnott!


It's possible that you have two accounts. The info in here could help you out. If the you continue to experience the same, the support team can give you a hand. You can reach them on Facebook or Twitter at @SpotifyCares or via email here.



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