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Trouble with using my account on the Playstation 4

Trouble with using my account on the Playstation 4

So I was trying to google a solution for an easy way to use my Facebook/Spotify account for PS4 and couldn't manage to do it because I have an issue. I registered my account with an E-Mail address I have no idea what the password is - so I went on Facebook and saw that I could change the email, so I did, after I changed my email signed out of Spotify and Facebook and logged back in but Spotify wouldn't register that I changed my FB e-mail.


I saw on an old thread that FB accounts created in 2011-2012 or something had issues with this.  I was wondering if a mod/admin could change my e-mail manually? The reason I think I need the e-mail is so I can retreive my device password which is what I need to get my PS4's spotify set up.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,
Welcome at the Spotify Community!


Could you please check your account overview to check what email address is connected to your account? 

You should be able to login with that email address and your password. 


However, we recommend to login with Spotify Connect on your android/iOS device. 

You might check this FAQ;!/article/playstation-get-started


Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

Happy Easter 🙂

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