Troubling changing payment method/country

Troubling changing payment method/country




Currently US, trying to change to UK


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I've browsed the other related questions but still am having the same issue.

My premium account is currently registered in the USA although I currently live in the UK (have a UK IP address). This hasn't been a problem for the last three years as my payment method was an American card. However, I have recently been issued a new British card with a British address and the old card is no longer functional. 

When I've tried to change my payment method to the new card (having deleted my old, non-functional card), there is an error as the billing address doesn't match my Spotify country - it gives me the option to change countries, which I click - gives me options of countries to change to, I click United Kingdom - but this then takes me to a page offering American premiumplans with an error message saying 'Sorry, you are not eligible for this plan' ? What do I do?


In addition to this, I'm trying to change my current plan to a student plan - but it only offers me the American student plans even after I click 'change country' and then 'united kingdom.' ???

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Hey @cosmic_sancs ,


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If you're currently in the UK and have a payment method that's been issued there, you should be able to update your payment method here. Make sure to change the country on the linked page first before choosing a payment method.


If you'd like to get Premium Student in the UK, you'll first need to update your country setting to the UK.

Let me know how it goes!

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