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Trying to Change Country, Credit Card charged

Trying to Change Country, Credit Card charged

I have recently cancelled my premium perscription and moved to a new country (the US from Sweden).  My old Swedish account was set to charge a friends CC for the subscription because it wouldn't accept my US credit card.  Now I can find no way to change the country setting back without it charging him.  


I am super annoyed at the moment because I was trying to change my country/account information and instead it just recharged my friends account for my subscription.  I can't find a way to undo it or a contact phone number.  This is super inconvenient I just wanted to put it on the right country/card and now I am questioning using the service at all. 


Please Help!

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You can get a refund via the Support Form.


You will need to add the US card to updatge your profile - any payment methods have to be the same country as the account 🙂



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