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Trying to delete my account

Trying to delete my account


I tried to delete my Spotify account a few days ago which didn't succeed.
I asked for more help on the Spotify page, still haven't had any news...

Please delete my Spotify account, I don't want my private information to be stored without me using the product.

Thanks in advance!

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Me too

Hi Mathé,


Just send an email to the support team here - with your DOB and ZIP and they should be able to help 🙂

No idea what my DOB and ZIP are, but I already used the contact support form, and selected more help... no idea how to send an email, unless that is what you mean.

Still nog solved and we are allmost two weeks further, I would have thought the support would be better then this...

Spotify doesn't care as long as they get money they don't value their users.

It seems so... I get it for free from my dsl provider else I would have moved to another with also better quality...

And at least some sort of support, this is really ridiculous!

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