Trying to update Spotify Free to Premium: Spotify says I already have it?


Trying to update Spotify Free to Premium: Spotify says I already have it?

I'm trying to activate Spotify Premium through Sonera (local operator), but I keep getting the message that I already have a paid account in use which I should cancel - but I don't have one! I previously had Spotify Unlimited, but I canceled it in February, so it's been over 30 days since the cancellation. On my Spotify account page it only says (correctly) that I'm using Spotify Free.

What's the matter?!

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its actually ryandouglasnyder

I am being billed for Spotify Premium but when I go to the account to cancel I am being told I only have free spotify.


How do I stop the billing?


Felicia Leinonen

I have a similar problem. Spotify is charging monthly subscription to my credit card and told me i already hv premium, but in my login account, it shows that i’m under Free subscription. Spotify gave me my user id and told me to reset my password, i try everything but my subscriptionis still under Free and I’m paying the monthly premium for nothing.

Looks like I am not the only one geeting the monthly premium charges but not having the actual premium function. My account also keeps showing Free subscription. 

I called my bank to terminate my existing credit card and issue me a new credit card with new credit card number.

I have a pre paid visa credit card but it won’t take my payment method. Why won’t it? It’s $25. 

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