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Two premium accounts registered in the same E-Mail adress

Two premium accounts registered in the same E-Mail adress

A few years back I made a Spotify account by binding it to my Facebook account - that I deleted last year. When I tried to use Spotify again last month I realized I no longer had access to my old account so instead I made a new one with the same e-mail that was used on my old Facebook account. Everything was fine, payed for premium on the new account .  However, I realized that I am still being charged for the premium subscription of my old Spotify account, but since the account registered to my e-mail is the newly created one and my Facebook was deleted I have no way to access and cancel the premium subscription on it so now I am basically being charged for the premium of two accounts and I can't cancel it.

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Hi there @Lucas_Morgy,

thanks for posting !


Sorry to hear you're having an issue but no worries, i'm here to help.

Let's take the first step together and use this help page to locate all accounts listed with your details.


This way, there's a slight chance you'll be able to locate and try reseting your credentials for it and cancel if needed.


Waiting on your update

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