Two separate artists listed as one!!!

Two separate artists listed as one!!!

My favorite band, IDLEWILD, is jumbled up with another Idlewild.

The Scottish-Rock Band, Idlewild, is easily distinguishable from this other band "Idlewild". The other band plays traditional folk music and has cds with 25-37 songs.


Idlewild, the rock band, has shorter albums AND their songs are featured in the "top tracks" section.


PLEASE sort this out. I want to be able to shuffle the BAND versus the traditional- English-country-dance group. I suppose I can make a playlist...but I feel like this is a problem for those who wish to discover new music. The two bands are in completely different genres.


Thank you.


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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Please follow this link to report incorrect data for artists/songs.


Anthony 🙂

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