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USERNAME for the 1000th time.....

USERNAME for the 1000th time.....

This is more of an observation than a request or a I/we already know the response from spotify will be they won't fix I've seen massive frustration from users in feedback for nearly a decade.  Why, would any modern software company use what appears to be a persons public key, a long difficult to remember string as a person's user name?  This is so 80's.  I am a current Microsoft Groove user(I know, but it works great), I had no problems, worked great across all my devices, desktop, laptop, android, iOS, you name it.  Now they are closing down and recommend bad can it be......I tried to sign up....have this crazy username that unless I am forced to use my facebook login, I have to accept this long, bizarre username.    My initial impression, which most modern companies would worry about, is :ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  How can I...or why should I bother to go any further with this service if they can't even get the usernames wotking like 99.99999% of other applications for probably over a decade of causing frustration?   I thought I would be kind an help some Spotify employee from typing in their response for what must be thousands of time over the decades:  

We are marking this idea as 'not right now' but please note you can now find your friends by searching for either their Spotify username or their full name (if their Spotify account is linked to their Facebook). Thanks again for your continued feedback!   


Sincerely User U&#HF*#(J@H&S(S

Sorry...couldn't remember my actual username.






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Hey @unw3x9grlmm4x0r,


Just so you know, you can choose your username on when not signing up to Spotify via Facebook. 🙂

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