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Unable to Access Facebook Linked Premium Account

Unable to Access Facebook Linked Premium Account




Account Name

Kyle Jackson


United States



(Samsung Galaxy S10+)

Operating System



My Spotify premium account is/was linked to my Facebook account, but the problem is that I deleted my Facebook account months ago and it is no longer recoverable. I recently logged out of my account via my phone and now I can no longer access my premium account. Is there a way to unlink/transfer my premium account from Facebook to my email? If not, is there a way that account/plan can be cancelled so that I'm not paying for an account that I cannot access?


Thank you,

Kyle Jackson


3 Replies

Hello @user-removed, 

Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

You can try to reset your password at this password reset page. Make sure to enter your Spotify email address, and then check your inbox for a Spotify email with further instructions. 

After that you should be able to log in with your email address and password instead of using the Facebook loggin in. 


Let me know if that helps! 

Hi @Emilia_8,


I signed up for my premium account using my old Facebook account so I'm not sure if I have an email address associated with my premium account. I tried resetting the password using the email address (**bleep**) that I used to use for my old Facebook account, but when I reset my password and logged into my account, it said my plan was the free plan not the premium plan.


I would rather not lose my premium account if possible or be charged twice if I have to sign up for a new premium account.

Thanks for your reply @user-removed!


If you're still logged in in your browser, you can access your account overwiev here. There you can check the email associated with your Spotify account. 


If you are not logged in in your browser, you could try to restet your password with all email addresses that you currently have. 


However, if there's no email, or it's an email that you no longer have access to, you'd have to reach out to the Support Team. They should be able to add an email address and a password to your Spotify account, so that you can log in again. 

You can reach them through a contact form, on Twitter or on Facebook


Let me know if anything else comes up! 

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