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Unable to Change Country

Unable to Change Country


My spotify account has always been weird. I think I downloaded the music app when I was in Europe, thus my country set in profile is Denmark. However, I’m currently living in Malaysia but I couldn’t change it back in account settings. In the country list there’s only Denmark or Singapore which I can select. 


I’m also signing up for family premium plan, but due to my country settings I couldn’t join. What can I do for this? 

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Hi @yinman_92!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


If you´re currently on Spotify Premium, it'd be recomended to first wait for your current subscription to finish, before trying to change your country settings. Any country changes will take place after your current subscription ends.


If this is your case, we'll strongly recommend to wait until your account goes to Free, and once the change has been made, follow the steps you'll find here in order to change your country.


Hope this helps!



I have the same issue, I've moved to a different country and I count update the payment method due it say it doesn't match the country of my account. And then I cant change my country cause that option is all grayed out.





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