Unable to Change Profile Picture


Unable to Change Profile Picture

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Windows 10


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I'm trying to change my profile picture, but whenever I go to my profile and hover over my icon, no "change" button shows up. As well, I've tried reinstalling but that hasn't worked. 


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Re: Unable to Change Profile Picture

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Hi @Ashbate,


Thanks for coming to the community with this. That seems strange! Now this is a link to a solution with a different method of reinstallation: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Windows/Desktop-Playlists-empty-after-update/td-p/4679818


Let us know how you get on with this!


Have a great day!



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Re: Unable to Change Profile Picture

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Thanks for getting back to me!
I took a read through that thread, but I've already tried everything listed in that thread.

Re: Unable to Change Profile Picture

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The advise in the Home-Help / Account Basics / Change Profile Picture


is in fact NOT working, or better not present.


there is NO 'change' field/indicator or whatsoever

Spotify Version:

Whereby it is the same with the version of Windows 10 from Microsoft Store.

first i thought this might be an issue, but wasn't.

This happens on any Desktop installation, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

in android it is anyway not possible as far as i read, as well not in the Webplayer..

it is not possible in newly created free accounts or newly created premium accounts.

i as well went through many threats, whereby i wasn't able to really reckognize a solution at all, i mean, reboot windows and reinstall spotify and coming back to where it started....
I have meanwhile spent a day on this.

aside the original issue i had, i noticed, that my primary account has a picture. So, there must have been a point in time, where this was possible to change.

Meanwhile, while upgrading to a family account, i tried to put a picture on a second and third account as well, but obviously without success.

as well, it is not possible anymore to change or delete the picture from my first account.


so, please help here,
thanks, Hans

Re: Unable to Change Profile Picture


Hey there @Ashbate and @H-W-Prinz,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


This sounds like the Ongoing Issue described here. If so, please keep in mind that our tech teams are aware and looking into this.


We'd recommend adding your +VOTE and subscribing to that the thread mentioned above so you can stay up to speed with any updates we have to pass on regarding a fix for this.


Hope this helps clarify things! If there's anything else we can help with, don't hesitate to give us a shout.


Have a lovely day :)

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Re: Unable to Change Profile Picture

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Hi Katerina,
Thanks for getting back to us users on this issue.
i will not follow the threat you had mentioned above, since except the same issue, there is no comment to help no nothing..
At least it is acceptable and noticeable that you say your tech teams are aware and working on it.
- and explicitly this is another issue i need to highlight, being myself an 2nd and 3rd level engineer in networking, this, yours is the very first and only official statement i was able to see on this topic from you as the developing company!
usually, if such an obvious and for users overall impacting application issue comes up, there should be some notification, some release note with open caveats or other something else on a download page to inform users, what they have to deal with. Overview actual release or so..
- last, just that i kindly received an answer, this is for sure no solution. this is just a long lasted reaction of the company. and i really need to wonder that there is a possibility to 'accept this as a solution' button. maybe one should think about not to missuse a community blog platform as a ticket system for real issues..
Thanks /hans


Workaround found

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i was able to get hold on an older version of spotify, as mentioned we are currently on some Version 1.1.17.<lot of numbers>  as i'm writing this.
randomly i was downloading Version and installed this. and it is 100% working as expected. the 'change' field is directly working on the profile picture.
Certainly all the (for me) cosmtetical changes which had been made since this version are irrelevant for the function. as well as a lot of functions other people from the community complaining about as now missing in newer versions would come back.
If you are 'fast' enough do all the changes you need, as like changing the profile picture, since the next update will be downloaded again automatically without the possibility to choose if you want that or not.

there is a nice video on Youtube explaining to even get around this. just search for 'disable spotify update'. the first in the list was working for me so far.
there was non the less an update announcement again, but after restart the app there was no update done, since it obviously wasn't able to access the update folder.
myself, i will at least have one installation with this older version to be able to login, do my stuff and logout again.
in some threat i read that one had installed the even older for some explicit function not working in higher versions, but as mentioned, i'm fine with this workaround so far.
thanks /hans


Issue fixed

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Hi, as in various threats mentioned,

actual Version 1.1.17.xxx has the fix for this.