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Unable to change country on Spotify premium

Unable to change country on Spotify premium

Hi I have tried countlesd times to change my region by changing my.payment method as instructed. I have even cancelled my premium subscription now until I can resolve this...


So on my account page, my region is greyed out with the following: To change your profile country you'll need to update your payment details.


When I try to use a credit card in the new country as my payment method, the following message appears: 

Your payment method and country don't match. To continue, change your account's location or use a different payment method


Seems like a paradox. Please help, I currently have disabled my Spotify premium subscription until I can get this working. Fyi, I am trying to change my region from Australia to Malaysia.

3 Replies

Hi @yinman_92!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


If you´re currently on Spotify Premium, it'd be recomended to first wait for your current subscription to finish, before trying to change your country settings. Any country changes will take place after your current subscription ends.


If this is your case, we'll strongly recommend to wait until your account goes to Free, and once the change has been made, follow the steps you'll find here in order to change your country.


Hope this helps!

I have this exact problem but haven't cancelled my subscription yet. How fustrating! Anyone with a solution?

I'm having the same problem. I haven't cancelled my subscription, it just won't let me make the change.

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