Unable to change my account settings.


Unable to change my account settings.


All I want to do is change my account settings, but Spotify's design makes it impossible to do such a simple task. The current email in my profile is one I don't recognize whatsoever. So I try to change it to one I'd like to use, and I receive an error message stating the password is wrong. Well I don't know the password b/c I don't recognize the email! So I tried to cancel the subscritiion altogether then start over, but it won't let me cancel b/c I don't know the password! So infuriating. 

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Re: Unable to change my account settings.

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Hi there! I recommend reaching out directly to Spotify Support. With this anonymous online contact form, you can reach them without subscribing to / having access to a Spotify account or the email that was used to create that account.

If you use the online contact form instead of Twitter, make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.


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