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Unable to have Facebook picture on Spotify Profile

Unable to have Facebook picture on Spotify Profile

For some reason, I am not being able to have my user picture updated as the one on my linked Facebook profile. 

I already unlinked the permissions, uninstalled both desktop & mobile apps, logged out and logged in again but my user still shows with no picture and with my user account ID, not my name

 aaa.PNGProfileProfileAccount IDAccount IDFacebook permissionsFacebook permissionsqqq.PNG

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Hey @adrianavaldez6, welcome to the community!


If you've previously updated the picture on your Spotify profile from the Spotify app, it won't borrow your Facebook picture any more. In this case, you'll be able to upload the picture you want following these steps.


About your name, the Spotify account will continue to show your Facebook name as long as your Facebook profile is active. If you close your Facebook, the Spotify account will revert to the numeric username that used to be linked to Facebook.


If your Facebook profile is still active, other users should still see your name instead of the numbers. I've looked for your account and it shows your name, not the numbers on my end.


All the best.

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