Unable to log in with username

Unable to log in with username






 I recently bought premium, for the 3 month trial for $0.99. I mainly use my phone for Spotify but I downloaded it on my iPad to have more than one devices. I forgot my password (really bad at keeping up with it... lol) and reset it. blah blah I used my email for the link, but for some reason, it said in the email “your username is:___” and proceeded to give me a jumble of random letters and numbers. I know for a fact that I didn’t put gibberish as my username. then when I tried to use the username I did register with, it was saying my username was incorrect. So I had to use the absolute nonsense it said my username was. It’s quite annoying and I’m unsure what’s causing this? I’ve confirmed my email, but this is still happening. in the app it’s saying my username is “honiebeex” which is right. But in emails and when I have to log in I have to use the random letters and numbers. Plus I can’t seem to change my pfp. So 2 problems. helpppp!!!!

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Hey, @Honiebeex!


Recently, Spotify made the decision auto-generate usernames for new accounts. However, it might be more convenient for you to log in with your email address. In addition, in order to change your profile picture, you'll have to download Spotify desktop and head into your profile.



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I’m glad it’s not just on my end, but thanks a lot!!!! 

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