Unable to log into/connect PS4 Spotify account


Unable to log into/connect PS4 Spotify account

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I can't log in to Spotify on PS4, The log in (username/password) and connect both tell me 'linking failed - please try again'. The account does recognise my log in details, it just won't go past this stage. I have a valid premium account, and I'm also using my main username/password, not a Facebook login, or attempting to log in with an email address.


I have previously had Spotify on another account and it worked fine. I've read that this may have caused a problem (having 2 PS4 accounts), so I logged back into this PS4 account, tried to log in and exactly the same thing happened, so I'm stuck with 2 accounts and neither will work.


I've tried resetting the PS4, remove offline devices, 'signed out everywhere' but no joy....... Help!!!!