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Unable to login in on any device...complicated, potential hack ?

Unable to login in on any device...complicated, potential hack ?

Hi there,


A couple of days ago I went to listen to my spotify but saw to my surprise some new  strange 'device' logged on and listening to my spotify, a device that was not mine nor anybody I know. I logged myself out of all accounts (in the hope this would log that device off too), logged back in and changed my spotify password and have since not been able to login anywhere, not on my macbook nor my iphone. It says I logged in using my Facebook so tried to go through that but everytime I click the FB login button the FB window opens and then closes again abruptly, or else says I have already authorized spotify using my FB. If I try and login manually using either my email or my username it says incorrect email/passord etc, or else gives me Error: 404. So then I try resetting my password again but the page simply doesnt load, when I enter my email address nothing happens, no email turns up in my inbox. I have tried deleting and redownloading the app on all platforms. PLEASE HELP very confused. Has this person I saw on my account hacked and tacken over?????? Haha fingers crossed no....I miss my music  :(((((( Thank you very much for any help 

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We'd recommend you get in touch with us via this contact form.
Give us a shout, we'll be happy to help.

Hi, thank you for your reply! But I can't actually get to that page as I can't login, it says I used facebook to login but then does not log me in when I click 'login with facebook'.....this is the whole problem. Can anyone help me from out here/who can I contact?


Thanks again, Belle

Sorry this is confusing - I just had to login using my sister's account to write that - this is bellegr using my sisters account (Mirellagr) to post on here as I don't understand how/why but it will no longer let me post/reply to you using I said above, makes me login to reply then won't let me login.....literally going around in circles and soooo frustrated is there like an email I can use to contact someone directly? 


I wish it was like the old days and I could just get on the phone and talk to someone haha 

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