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Unable to login

Unable to login

My spotify for some reason logged out by itself and now I cant log back in. 

Specifically, as soon as I click login button, it changes to "logging in" then nothing happens and goes back to "login" 


I tried re-installing and tried both wifi and data but its still the same. 

Im using my phone (Android oreo) 



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Are you in the country you created your Spotify account?

If the answer is no, you have to use a VPN. It happens to all free users that don't have a Premium account. Remember set the VPN location to the place you created the account.

Try to type your password really slow. Also check if your username or account are correct. I was frustrated tens of times because I tried to type my credentials fast and thinking I was doing them right made me go nuts since I was not able to login.


Hope it helps, if it did mark this reply as a solution and drop a like if you like.



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