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Unable to make Premium Payment but charged to Credit Card

Unable to make Premium Payment but charged to Credit Card

Good morning,


I tried several times to get a Premium Account, I access my Credit Card credentials and receive from my bank the transaction SMS but the page still shows me that it was not able to process the request, that I should try again later.


Can you please help me with this issue?


Best Regards!


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Hey @crcoronado, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Most likely, the payment should show on your bank statement as pending. This could explain things.


We suggest trying to subscribe again after clearing the cache and cookies of your browser. Make sure to try from a desktop PC/laptop. 


All the best 🙂



it seems that the charge was not done to the Credit Card. I talked to a chat support representative and he told me that my card was blocked because I tried to make the purchase of my suscription outside of my country of origin (I work with VPN and it showed me in another location) and he said that there is no way to unblock it.


Not it seems that I won't be able to buy my suscription to Premium 😕




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