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Unable to play song by specific artist (Part 4)

Unable to play song by specific artist (Part 4)


I'm posting here under accounts because this seem to be an account related issue.

This is also labled as part 4 because it's the number of times I have been through customer support trying to resolving the issue.



I have been having problems getting music by Devid Helping and Jon Jekins to play for about  a year now. 





Here's a quick list of things about the problem:

  • This is account related because...
    • Error occurs on my primary Windows computer
    • Error occurs on another Windows copmuter
    • Error occurs on my Google Pixel
    • Plays fine across all devices logged into a different account
  • Things I have tried that didn't work:
    • Logging out all devices
    • Uninstalling
    • Clearing cache and appdata
    • Installing onto a clean Windows environment that never had Spotify on it before
    • Romantic, candle-lit dinner
  • Thing(s) I have tried that did work (sort of...): 
    • Rolled back to an older version of Spotify
      • spotify_installer-
      • Works fine until automatic updates kick in 😕
      • Still doesn't play on my Google Pixel
        • Not sure at this point if account or application related.
  • Blarg... [Insert intelligible heading]
    • I've been dealing with this for far too long
    • Customer support isn't helping (after 4 attmpts with 4 different agents)
    • Spotify, have your techs look at my account, please
      • ghostravenstorm
    • I want a free drink.
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Hey there!


Sorry to hear you've been jumping through hoops with this one.


Just to confirm is this only happening with the music from these artists? Also, do you have their music saved on your device as local files? If that's the case, try removing the local files before trying again.


Another thing to keep an eye out for, is to check if it only happens with a specific audio output (e.g. Bluetooth speakers).


In the meantime, we suggest keeping your audio drivers up to date, as this could also be the cause of the error message.



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