Unable to renew

Unable to renew

I have a monthly subscription and it failed this month because I didn't have funds in the account. All my playlists have disappeared. I am now trying to pay for the month that I have missed but my subscription is saying that my next payment isn't due until June and that May is paid for. I've checked my bank statement and the subscription charge has not come out. How do I pay for this month so I can get my playlists back?
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Your playlists should remain on your account no matter what subscription plan you are on, so it sounds like something strange is going on here, possibly a duplicate account issue.

I would suggest you get in touch with the customer services team directly using the online contact form and they will be able to look into your accounts a little closer for you.

If you get an automated email reply back directing you to the community or help pages, you need to reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) and one of the customer services agents will get back to you as soon as possible.


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