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Unable to update payment info without student discount

Unable to update payment info without student discount

When I go to update my payment info the next screen wants to verify my student status which I no longer have.  I am able to enter the card info but due to the student status not being verified the card info does not stay.  I don't want the student discount any more but I have to update my payment info which is not working without the student discount.




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Hey @arj11,


Welcome to the Community! 


Could you let us know if the same issue occurs when using an incognito window? Just head to Keep us posted 🙂



It does the same thing in an incognito window.


Thanks for the suggestion.

No problem! Could you let us know if you're seeing any error messages? 



I am getting an error message now that my card provider is having issues.  This did not happen the last time I tried.

Thanks! Could you check out the tips and steps below?




Let us know how you get on 🙂



I'm not sure what the problem is, my card is working fine and I tried a different card with the same results.  


Here's another odd thing I noticed.  When I click on the Redeem link in the account screen and in the next screen click "Want to use another payment option" that brings up an option to subscribed to Premium for Family and it then shows the new card I want to use in the payment details.  I only want premium but this shows that my card is saved somehow in my account, but my old card was just charged today for my subscription fee.  


Should I cancel my subscription and start over?  And if I do that can I recover my playlists?


Thanks again for your help.

Hey @arj11,


Thanks for the info. We'd recommend reaching out to our support team via email. Alternatively, you can get in touch with SpotifyCares via Facebook and Twitter. They'll help you get to the bottom of this.


In the meantime, feel free to let us know if you have any questions 🙂





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