Unauthorised logins in other countries


Unauthorised logins in other countries

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During the last 2 weeks I've received notifications regarding login into my account in 3 different countries and I've had to log out of all devices and change my password several times. I, nor any of my family members, are abroad. I am the only one getting these messages.


What is the issue? Is it google? Is there something wrong with my Spotify-account? Has there been issues wih Spotify itself recently?

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I have no apps on only for my iphone and pc, i hope its not going to happen often is fustrading when i listen relax to music and some stranger change it for fun or money..


This issue just started for me yesterday. I don't have a Facebook account, and there are no other apps associated with my Spotify account, yet I've already had two unauthorized logins from two different countries, one from the UK and one from Singapore. 

I'm just glad it's not just me having these issues. I've been having them for at least a week now.
The Spotify support team doesn't help.
For me, the logins are from the USA and Russia, but they could just be using a VPN.
Hope someone can help. Have a great day anyone who reads this. 🙂


I seem to be having this issue as well. I get the email notifications saying that I am logged in in another country, but logging out of all devices feels like it only triggered more “unauthorised logins”. And I don’t understand where these are coming from, as the only way to get into my Spotify account is through my Facebook login (as that’s how I’d set it up) but do not see any strange logins through my Facebook account. So it definitely ain’t my Facebook that’s the problem.

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Hey all, 


Thanks for voicing this out here! 


In addition to the steps we've given you to follow before, we want to say that it's very important that you remove the access of any third-party apps. If any of these has been compromised, it could affect your Spotify account. 


As a heads-up, it's always advisable to first reset your password, then log out of all devices and remove the access of third-party apps. It's also good to reset the password of the email linked to your Spotify account. 


Hope this sheds light on the subject and helps you!



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I've been having these unauthorised logins for weeks now, from the USA, Singapore and the UK. My Facebook and Spotify accounts are not linked, I have no third-party apps accessing Spotify and I change my password every time I get one of these notifications. 


What on earth is going on?? I don't know what else I can do to secure my account. 


I’ve got the same problem. Started today, changed password three times and I still get the notification that was people from other countries log into my account. In 3 hours it happened 3 times now. I disabled all third party apps (the only thing that was shown was my ps4), I logged out everywhere and still there are logins from other countries. It’s annoying, not to mention that it feels like my account and my email ain’t safe anymore.

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Hey there @apex_chio and @ofdemonicdeals


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 


In case you still experience the same after performing the steps provided by @Petya, we suggest you head to this help page. Here you'll find useful tips on how to secure your account in case of unauthorized access. 


Additional info on how to protect your Spotify account can be found here.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 


Did it help? I don’t know what to do anymore... I’ve done everything they told me too... and people still are using my Spotify all over the world... Germany, France, Canada, Serbia, United States.... I wanted to change my email associated with this account but it seems impossible too..... 


You should make it possible to simply restrict where logins are allowed — if I’m in a certain geographic location, automatically reject any login attempts from outside that area. Yes, it can be spoofed, but it will discourage low-level lazy hacking attempts. In particular, if you know I live in the US and you get a new login from Russia, do I even need to tell you that it’s probably fraudulent? Just reject it automatically and make the person attempting to log in prove they are me.


You clearly have the technology to know where login attempts are coming from, and you appear to have technology in place to prevent logins on family accounts that are not in the same household — how about using that technology to protect your customers instead of just your revenue stream?


This afternoon I received email notification from spotify that I had 2 logins to my Free account in the early hours of this morning.  One from China, one from Albania.  Obviously not me.  I was sleeping at those times.  I don't use Facebook so the only Spotify app is on my laptop, no phones, just the laptop.  I use the Spotify Win 10 app and I'm always logged in.  The laptop was powered on but in sleep mode. I rarely use Spotify, but by coincidence I did use it earlier in the day, so the Spotify app might have been active in the hidden icons on the task bar.


Since it's a free account I deleted it.  I just opened a new one.


Now I'm thinking maybe I did this to myself.  Yesterday a utility app I use updated and included an optional Avast VPN (no affiliation).  So I tried it.  The VPN disguises your location to be in random different countries.  It also slows down the connection speed to a crawl.  It may have still been on when I went to bed last night.  I have since deleted the VPN app.


Is it possible that the Avast VPN could have caused these two random logins from Albania and China while the Spotify App was active, but the laptop was in sleep mode?


It's just strange that this has never happened until the day I install a VPN.





I'm seriously sick of these log in emails. I'm only signed in on one device, I've changed my password several times using up to the maximum number of words, letters, symbols, you name it and again within a week I get sign in warnings, from US this morning, but it can be from anywhere. If there's a security problem it's on Spotify servers, accounts are being hacked on your end. It's pretty obvious that it's your problem and YOU, Spotify, should fix it. The reason I recently cancelled my paid membership with Spotify is that I do not feel secure, and got tired of the constant requests to change passwords. When I stop getting these mails I will sign up for a paid account again. These hackers are definitely accessing the passwords from Spotify itself. 


Would a moderator please log me out of all devices, someone has hacked my account and that option is not showing up on my account overview screen


That's definitely not the issue.  The fact that you keep pushing this back onto users is absurd.  

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ngl i think this is happening to a lot more people then what is shown and i don't think they(spotify) know how to actually fix this. in the span of 2 months i had this happen 33 time ive signed everyone out 5 times, changed my password 3 times and nothing seems to work every one keeps giving the same list of things to do but its not doing anything. keep in mind i didn't realized this until 3-4 day from replying to this i only truly noticed i was hacked when my music was changing on its own.


I'm tired of getting these emails 2 or 3 times a day. Honestly thinking of uninstalling Spotify and start using Deezer or Soundcloud instead. 




I have had the same issue. I have followed the instructions 6-7 times now and each time received another foreign login within days. There have now been 20 logins to my account that were not authorised by myself, all in different locations. 


I have reset my spotify, email and facebook passwords, removed all apps access (except Spotify Community which I only allowed to have access today) and signed out everywhere - both in and out of incognito mode. It has not made a difference. The passwords I have created on these accounts are not used anywhere else so there is not a chance of third parties revealing this information. 


Spotify really needs to increase security here - either allow me to block foreign logins completely, or at a minimum require more layers of authentification to login. 

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Sorry but this is not the solution.  I’ve done these things.  I have no apps that have access and I’ve changed my password several times to complicated stings and numbers letter and symbols.  Something is wrong with Spotify.  

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I’m sorry but to be having this problem is just absurd . I believe that the only way to fix this is to simply switch to Apple Music or another platform . Especially when Spotify says the issue is not them 

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