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Unauthorized user gaining access to my account

Unauthorized user gaining access to my account

I have a premium account. I'm not sure how, but some random user has gained access to my account. I Sign in with my Facebook account and I've changed my password 2 times and activated the 2 steps authentication option. Still gaining access to my account...


I don't know what to do...I'm on the verge of despair.

3 Replies

I am facing exactly the same issue. I use my facebook account to autenthicate, removed the suspicious offline devices, changed the password and one week later somenone started to use my account again.

Same problem here. Someone is gaining access to my account with an unknown iphone and listening music with their device. I think ı will delete my account and cancel my membership if they dont fix this asap. They have a major security problem and they even know it...


As this represent as big security issue, I would recommand to everyone facing this problem to contact Spotify directly using the contact form over there, to make them well aware of the issue.

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