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Unknown Device Connected to my Account

Unknown Device Connected to my Account

Two issues:

1) I have a device connected to my account that I am unfamiliar with. It has the speaker symbol, so it is not a phone or a computer, I guess. I have gone through the suggested steps already (change password, sign out of all accounts from website, etc.) and the unknown device is still there. Same one, I think. How do I get rid of it?


2) Recently my spotify has decided to randomly pause all the time (every 5-20 minutes or so). Also, on the flip side, it will start to randomly play, even if I have exited spotify to make it stop. Also, it doesn't seem to be related with the above issue. Some have suggested that it pauses because my spotify account is being used on another device. But when it pauses, that is NOT the case. I always check for that. So, what is going on?The one on the bottom is the one I don't recognize. I want it gone...The one on the bottom is the one I don't recognize. I want it gone...

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Hi @wsly_odom, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.

Seems like someone else could've gained access to your Spotify account. Please check out the FAQ page here, for the next steps we'd recommend taking.


This should take care of the unknown device.



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This is seriously the most unhelpful and generic reply I could have possibly recieved...


Are you a bot?


If you actually read my post, it is clear I have already seen that FAQ (essentially) and done what was recomended of me. The problem persists. That is why I posted this in "ongoing issues."


Furthermore, you didn't even mention my second question, which, to be honest, is actually more annoying that the unknown device.


Can a real person please respond to this?

I can answer second question as like my old phone was the Same, it is more to do with the speed that your phone or whatever can process as sometimes when you press play it doesn't pls so if you press it again it queues up that command and will like use it later if you get me and with the unknown speaker I have no idea perhaps somewhere there is a wireless thing in your home and Spotify radar has noticed it, have you tried playing from the device?




I'm not a bot, or anything.


Looking at the screenshot you sent, I think both issues could be caused by the Spotiamb device.


Just to confirm, did you try logging in to your Account page and using the "Sign out Everywhere" button before updating your Spotify account's password?


You can also try reinstalling the app to see if the device goes away, and the pausing stops.


Keep me posted.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

I have a galaxy 8, so I don't think processing speed is the issue. Furthermore, it doesn't actually happen on my phone anyway, it happens on my pc desktop at home and on my macbook pro.



I changed my passowrd on facebook first, then I used the "sign out everywhere" button. I have also tried re-installing spotify as well. Device is still there.

No worries!


Just to confirm, was your account created through Facebook, or did you link it after it was created?


In case you linked it afterwards, make sure you also reset your account's password through this link. Also, try signing out of all devices after you've updated the password.


To gather more info, does this happen when you use a private or public internet network? Does the same happen regardles of the WiFi signal you use?


All the best.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp



I created the account through facebook from the beginning, I belive. Though that was years ago, so I'm a bit fuzy on it.


It happens regardless of internet connection.


Thanks for sticking with it! haha

No worries!


Thanks for getting back with this info.


Just to confirm, is the playback pausing only when you use the app on your phone? Also, does it happen regardless of the sound output you're using (e.g. headsets, phone's speaker)?


In the meantime, try restarting your Samsung Galaxy phone. Just hold the power button and tap on Restart.


Keep me on the loop.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp



I have some new information for this ongoing problem.

First, to answer your last suggestions. It does happen regardless of output. Also, it doesn't happen on my galaxy, only my pc and my macbook. That being said, the galaxy has been restarted at least once or twice during this time frame and the problem persists.


Now, the new information:

After paying close attention on my PC, I have realised that it is not so random as I thought. It happens in approximately 15 minute intervals. I thought, perhaps I have it set to automatically stop playing after 15 minutes with no activity, but I could find no such feature in the settings. Furthermore, the weird thing is that the opposite happens in 15 minute intervals if it has been paused.


To clarify:

1) if it is playing, it pauses after approximately 15 minutes since I last navigated in my spotify application window.

2) if it is paused, it starts playing after approximately 15 minutes since the last time that I paused it.


Does that help you at all?

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