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Unknown device connecting to my account

Unknown device connecting to my account

Hi everyone,


I once accidentally connected to a device I don't know (we were connected to a public Wi-Fi network) and now they keep connecting to my account. The music stops playing on my device and Spotify says I'm playing music on this device, and they're playing their own music. I'm not sure how that happens, but does anyone know how I can get rid of them?


I am not logged into their device or anything, we just randomly connected once. 


Thank you in advance

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Hello @lostinthetrees and welcome !


I reccomend you to log out everywhere and start fresh with a click of a button. 



You should also reset your password


Have a nice day 🙂

This doesn't work.

I changed password and signed out from everywhere. I even reinstalled Spotify. But this unknown device is back.


Why is there no way to block devices on Spotify? Why hasn't Spotify addressed this problem? It seems to be affecting lots of people and I'm vety close to cancelling my subscription. It's been going on for weeks now and there is no official solution!  

Hi! I experienced a similar issue years ago 


The best thing to do is cancell your account and created a new one at


Contact  to the support team through E-mail or through the contact form  and ask them to terminate your account permantenly.


If you are on Premium service, resquet them for a refund or request for applying the Premium period paid into the new account . They will aslo be able to transfer all your playlists saved and followers to the new account 


Hope it helps!   



Same issue here, for about a week, unknown "office speaker", takes over my spotify. As usual, support goes thru standard routines like sign out/reset password/etc. which does not help at all.

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