Unknown devices logging on to my account

Unknown devices logging on to my account






Huawei P20

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

Recently, there's an unknown log-in ..First was from webplayer and it's not from my laptop . it was from a foreign country I assume as it was playing some foreign playlist . I paused the playlist and the other person resumed. This happened a few times ..So I revoked the webplayer access and changed my password. Today ,someone was using my account again ..Playing some foreign playlist .Now I've signed out from everywhere. What's with the security issues ? Is it so easy for others to access our account? 

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Hey there @Yasmine_CY

thanks for posting !


If you've followed the steps provided on this help page and had no success, i recommend creating a new account and reading this Spotify answer on how to transfer your data from the old account to the new one.


Hope this helps 😃

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