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Unknown people logging in


Unknown people logging in

My Question or Issue

I have got four emails over the past two days about people from other countries logging into my spotify account. I am from Australia and I have had people from the United States, Russia, Finland and Israel log in to my account. After the first log in, I logged out of all devices and changed my password, but people are still getting in. What can I do to stop this?





iPhone X



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Hi. I've been having the very same problem in the last two days. In particular someone from Turkey have been using my account, adding new playlists I have never seen and changing some settings on my account, so now I keep receiving email notifications written in Turkish every time I access mu account or change the password! I have already followed all the steps suggested by the Spotify assistance guide, including making sure that country is correctly set. However I keep receiving emails in Turkish! What else should I do to fix this mess?


Okay - spoken to support twice.

Asked to change password and delete cookies but this didn't stop the alerts. Support implied that I have something on my PC and don't seem to get that I reset my passwords (my email has 2FA) and that I've done it on a completely separate PC (work PC).

Two hours after doing that I got a new notification saying someone accessed it from the US. 


I've spoken with support again and I was told to change the email address 😞

I was change email address as well. What precisely does that mean? Can you change the email address linked to an account?
And also I have never heard of this before (that’s not to say it has not happened) but isn’t this a Spotify software/ security issue? I am not an IT guru and so I accept my question may be a stupid one

If you find this happening, you could have compromised email on dark web and or malicious actor. Change your email passwords associated with spotify. Then once all passwords done. Look into settings there should be an option, Log me out of all Devices. This will sign out all those that were logged in as you.

This issue has affected thousands of users for years now.  Spotify refuses to implement 2 factor authentication or fix the source of these leaked user credentials.  Change your password to something unique and make sure you weren't that password with any other services.

Hey @G_Loc,


Thanks for posting here! 


Please bear in mind that Spotify's database is secure. There could be security breaches due to other services connected to your Spotify app.

To make sure you prevent cases like that, you can remove any third-party apps with access to your Spotify. 


Besides that, since you feel strongly about 2FA, we advise you to add your vote to this idea to support it if you already haven't. 


Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

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That idea is 5 years old, put "under consideration" in 2018, and recent comments indicate that it's not happening any time soon. Spotify does not take this issue seriously.

I have had these emails too - one unknown location, one from China and one from somewhere else. I have since changed my password, but still the emails keep coming.

All the links in the emails are valid Spotify links, it's not some kind of phishing attack.

If I've changed my password, why does Spotify think that someone from China is logging in to my account? Has there been some kind of compromise?

hello im elayla from turkey. Ihave bought a samsung A7 1week ago and i open new email. I open a new spotify and use it about 5days. Today when i was listening bubblgumbitch from marina i saw that my song is beeing changed to very bad songs that they have lot of swearing and isaw ihave "liked song" but i dont have liked song was from dababe and its so annoying. I have changed my password a lot but its still hacking my acount!

Country`s from germany-france-USA

PLEASE help me im afraid and i loged out from my acount im worry about my email... thanks for your help

Hi! Ihave that problem to... ihope spotify help us to keep our acount safe.

Yeah ,it happens coz spotifi doesn t have an autentificatio bypass.And that s why spotifi sucks so much dix coz of that.Even if u have premium u are still gonna get hacked.
Too bad I didn tinvest nothing in this piece**bleep** platform but also it sad coz I got al my favorite songs and playlist there.

Hello! I dont have premium and i still hacked im scared to open a new
spotify account.
Thanks for your help

I have a premium account but it was my free account which was being hacked. I spoke with a rep from Spotify on the text speak and the free account was deleted.

Yea. Spotify is being a dengerous place for listening music .d

I had the same issue. about two days ago after I turned on my desktop which automatically logs into Spotify, I started playing a playlist and my tracks kept skipping to songs I would never listen to (rap music I had never heard of before). I would hit a new playlist to see if it would stop and it wouldn't. This kept happening for about an hour until I just gave up and decided it was better to not listen at all. I minimized Spotify with nothing playing. Accounted it to being glitch what happens sometimes. When I came back to computer today to listen I had worse issues with skipping and devices to listen from, mainly my Sonos speakers. I was not able to keep on speaker on for more than a minute. Then out of the blue I was logged out of my account. Tried to log back in and my password was not working. After two attempts I got a redirect to retrieve email to log back in and change my password. When I went to my email I noticed an email Spotify had been sent to change my password(it was a legit email) that had been sent about the same time I spotted my first issue the day before. Then after searching my emails I noticed 7 more emails from Spotify notifying me of logins from all over the world. After I was able to change my password and get logged back in to my Spotify account I noticed that about a dozen new playlist of rap music had been added to my account. THIS IS NOT COOL AT ALL! My account was hacked as was everyone else posting in this thread. What the **bleep** Spotify?!!!  To top it off not admittance  from leadership at Spotify that this has occurred? I am attaching the playlist that were added to my account while it was hacked.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 10.53.55 PM.png

Hey there @cassfuller-us,


Thanks for getting in touch with us.


We take security very seriously and we send these notifications to avoid potential issues. If you notice any suspicious activity on your Spotify account, always follow the steps below first:

  1. Open the Reset Password form in a private/incognito window and create a new, strong password you haven’t used for another online service; 

  2. Open your Account Page, scroll down and click on SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE. 

In case you still get the emails informing you about login attempts on your Spotify account, make sure to follow these steps to make sure that your account is secured.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.  

Every time I try to click on the links in the solution post, I keep getting the error "upstream request timeout".


I cannot tell if the email saying someone from Germany (I'm in USA) logged in to my account is spam or real. I logged in, signed out of everywhere. My wife signed in and did the same. We have a family account and both our accounts are linked to our facebook accounts, so we don't have a password to change. What do we do? How do I know if the email is real?

Hey @gilmorejd,

Thanks for posting.

Keep in mind that Spotify accounts created via Facebook take on the email registered with Facebook, meaning you can still reset your password. We also recommend changing the passwords of your Facebook and email accounts as well. 


If you keep getting timeout errors we suggest trying an incognito browser. Sometimes the cache and cookies stored in your browser can cause such issues and this is an easy way to avoid them. You can also try with another device, if that's an option.


As for the emails, you can get in touch with our customer support team here. They'll be happy to take a look at them and determine whether they are from us.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted how you get on.


Have a great day.  

Funny thing I don’t use Spotify anymore and it’s saying it’s being logged in from Russia veitnam I have never been out of the United States

If u think it a waste of time and money ...well u are  right coz even with premium u still gonna get hacked.In my opinion  until they don t put a 2nd autentification metod  there is no point in investing money in it.Yeah u have unlimited skips and u can listen in offline mode but that doesn t mean nithing if u get your account hacked.So a piece of advice , do not buy premium if your financial status is low and definetly do not sign in with a email that shows your name also even with facebook.

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